UAS Platforms

Microdrones MD4-1000

Microdrones MD4-1000: A fully carbon fiber frame, research-grade quadcopter with high endurance, stable flight, resistance to harsh conditions, and a wide variety of payload options (optical, lidar, hyperspectral, thermal).


SenseFly eBee

SenseFly eBee: An ultra-light research-grade fixed-wing vehicle with high endurance and several payload options.


Parrot Anafi: We have six Anafis, which are our primary teaching platform for the class FNRM 3362/5362 Drones: Data, Analysis, and Operations.


DJI Mavic, Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic, Mavic Pro: We keep a few Mavics around because they're very popular and are well-suited for light-duty missions.